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Thylacine Den
  • Reports   ( 13 Articles )

    This category contains reports of sightings and encounters with thylacines. Articles submitted under this category may:

    • May or may not be verified depending on the reporter; and
    • Are presented as provided to Ozcrypto.

    It is up to the reader to decide on the authenticity and quality of the information presented.

  • Research   ( 1 Article )

    This category is for the presentation of research and analyses related to thylacines. Articles submitted under this category may:

    • support or refute the existence of thylacines
    • diagnose or otherwise examine claims made about thylacines
    • present information or evidence about thylacines.

    Articles in this section may also be cross-referenced with the OzCrypto forum for open discussion of the article.

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