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Home > Thylacine Den > Reports > 1990's - QLD - Silver Valley/Ravenshoe

1990's - QLD - Silver Valley/Ravenshoe

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Year: Late 1990s

Month: Not reported

Date: Not reported

State: Qld

Nearest Town: Silver Valley/Ravenshoe

Nearest Road: Not reported

{mosmap width='650'|height='450'|lat='-17.562827'|lon='145.246567'|zoom='9'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='3'|mapType='Hybrid'|showMaptype=1'|overview='1'|text='Location is approximate only'|lang=''}

Time and Conditions: Evenings and early morning

Environment: Scrubby rainforest

Observed: Spoke to witness about other related sightings and he added that he knew an old guy named ‘Travis” whom lived in a humpy in the Silver Valley. He lived alone with a few dogs. Witness states that one day he went to visit Travis and found him coming out of the scrub behind his place with some fresh meat, so he asked him what was he doing. Travis said that he was feeding a Tasmanian Tiger that comes round his place once or twice a month. He says that he throws it meat and that his dogs don’t bother it. He then gave witness a brief description of the animal, which witness states was the description of a Tasmanian Tiger/Thylacine.

He said Travis thought it no big deal and that it was a beautiful animal to look at....

Travis has since died....

Size: Medium dog size

Also Noticed: None

Other Witnesses: None

Other Stories: Has heard stories

Footnote: Tried to find more info on 'Travis" but to no avail....The Silver Valley has many stories of Thylacine sightings...Driving home which is a 3 hour drive I day-dreamed how good it would of been to go out the back of your place and regularly feed a Thylacine.....Also, the fact that his 3 dogs paid not much interest in the animal is quite common....


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