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1999 - QLD - Tully

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Year: 1999

Month: Not reported

Date: Not reported

State: Qld

Nearest Town: Tully

Nearest Road: Tully Gorge Rd

{mosmap width='650'|height='450'|lat='-17.64009591883757'|lon='145.5413818359375'|zoom='9'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='3'|mapType='Hybrid'|showMaptype=1'|overview='1'|text='Location is approximate only'|lang=''}

Time and Conditions: Daytime, middle of the day…

Environment: Rainforest

Observed: Lady and her 5 kids were down sitting along Tully River, fishing. 2 of her boys crossed the river and were playing in the bush when above them big boulders and rocks began to roll down or thrown down the slope into the river. This went on for a couple of minutes, when the mother yelled out to the 2 boys to stop it because the rafters may come along and get hit by them. The 2 boys said it was not them doing it, but something above them. They could all here the heavy footsteps and the breaking of sticks as it walked. They also described putrid, terrible smell that enveloped the area and the eerie feeling of being watched by something above them. The mother got goose bumps on the back of her neck, and quickly gathered the kids up and left the area. She states there was something very big and strong above them in the bush rolling the large boulders down.

Size: Not reported

Smell: Yes, terrible, putrid smell…hard to describe.

Also Noticed: None

Other Witnesses: Six people altogether.

Other Stories: Yes, many….

Footnote: I have added this story because its a typical story I was told of many times....Over the years many locals have similar things happen to them whilst either swimming or camping in the area....My favorite one's like this one are the stories I was told about from knock-about guys who were fishing or camping and had rocks thrown at them or thumping noises made...Terrible smells around their camp...something walking through thier campsite...you know all the typical bigfoot stuff you read about on the bigfoot sites......

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