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Home > Yowie Habitat > Reports > 1970s (mid) - QLD - Goldsborough

1970s (mid) - QLD - Goldsborough

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Year: Mid 70's

Month: Not reported

Date: Not reported

State: Qld

Nearest Town: Goldsborough...along the Little Mulgrave River

Nearest Road: Not reported

{mosmap width='650'|height='450'|lat='-17.132865'|lon='145.712358'|zoom='9'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='3'|mapType='Hybrid'|showMaptype=1'|overview='1'|text='Location is approximate only'|lang=''}

Time and Conditions: Daytime, afternoon

Environment: park area running onto rainforest.

Observed: Witness was a young boy at the time and he was with his mate, they were playing on some swings in a park on the Little Mulgrave River when they both saw a large browny/black 7 foot tall bipedal creature on 2 legs. It stepped out of the bush momentarily into the park area and looked at them...Both boys stopped what they were doing and stood looking back at this creature which after maybe 10-20seconds turned round and walked back into the surrounding bush....Witness states neither of them felt any fear during the brief encounter....

Witness also had another encounter during the early 1990s when he was spear fishing for fish in the Little Mulgrave River...As he caught fish he would swim back to the bank and lay them on the bank then go back spearfishing...he had 2 fish on the bank and as he was in the middle of the river he bobbed his head up and looked at the bank where his fish were and he saw a 5-6foot tall Hairy Man come out of the bush and pick up his fish and run back into the bush....He described the animal as covered in hair..on 2 legs..and it looked very skinny....he gingerly swam back to the bank and collected his gear and as he was walking along the bank he could see the Hairy Man sitting up above him in the thick bush with his 2 fish sitting and watching him....again, he said he felt little fear but did feel a little nervous....

Size: First encounter..7 foot tall, maybe more…2nd encounter around 6feet tall...

Smell: None

Also Noticed: None

Other Witnesses: Yes, friend of his, when they were kids.

Other Stories: Has heard many stories from locals about similar animal over the years.

Footnote: Spoke to witness twice and he steadfastly stuck by his stories...He was very matter-of-fact about it all like many people are up Northern Qld...Most people who have grown up in our near to the bush hear stories about such animals so by the time they are adults its no big deal and they just get on with life...Its one of the interesting things living up FNQ for 10yrs, there is a definite difference between people up in FNQ and those Aussies living further south..Its the tyranny of distance and living in a very different climate and environment...as well as lifestyle...It is in some ways like going to another country...I have encountered a less but still noticable difference when living over Western Australia, especially up North WA....The vast majority of people living in the southern states would find it difficult to really understand unless they have lived in such places for an extended period of time.....


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