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Home > Yowie Habitat > Reports > 1956 - QLD - Murray Upper

1956 - QLD - Murray Upper

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Year: 1956

Month: Not reported

Date: Not reported

State: Qld

Nearest Town: Murray Upper

Nearest Road: Timber camp off Davidson Rd

{mosmap width='650'|height='450'|lat='-17.99750922198157'|lon='145.86788177490234'|zoom='9'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='3'|mapType='Hybrid'|showMaptype=1'|overview='1'|text='Location is approximate only'|lang=''}

Time and Conditions: After 11pm at night

Environment: Scrub (rainforest)

Observed: Ernie and brother were camping up the timber track and his father and younger brother would come in and bring groceries in once a week. After having a cuppa and catch up his father left about 11pm to head back to town. As they were heading back the father and brother saw two hairy creatures, one larger one and a smaller one that he thought was a female. They stunk and brother noticed how much noise they made as they moved through the scrub.

Size: Big one was higher than a man, the smaller one was about size of human or little bit less.

Smell: Terrible stink.

Also Noticed: Brown and furry, very hairy.

Other Witnesses: Father and brother

Other Stories: Yes, Grace Bailey.

Footnote: Guy that told me this story is a well-respected indigenous elder and experienced bushman...He told me many stories...He himself has found huge footprints in riverbanks over the years but has never himself seen a Hairy Man...He worked in the late 50s-early 60s clearing rainforest for farming and would find small shelters made from sticks and vines on many occasions..He was/is a terrific bushman and would spend many days following creeks and valleys in the rainforest just to explore..Up until the 1960s there were still aborigines still living in the jungle..(some say they are still out there)....The above story he has no problem in believing and says that his father never knew how to lie so what he and his brother saw that night was genuine...He has many stories about the Hairy Man including a well-known story of a big Hairy Man jumping in the back of a ute driven by a good friend of his back in the late 1970s...the guy was driving slowly along Bulgun Rd on the outskirts of Tully at night when this big Hairy man ran out of the canefields beside the road and jumped in the back of the blokes ute...the guy crashed the car into a ditch in shock and ran to the nearest house..I spoke to the lady who lived in the house and who spent the rest of the night trying to calm the man down...its a great story when she tells it.......


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