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About OzCrypto

OzCrypto is an open-minded group of people interested in the search for unknown/unrecognised animals within Australia - the yowie in particular. Dissatisfied with the unscientific approach taken by other Aussie crypto-chroniclers and researchers we have decided to begin our own search and review of the evidence. Starting from scratch we question everyone and everything in order to shed some light on the enduring yowie mystery and other alleged Australian cryptozoological animals. We are by no means experts within this field. Some of us are actively involved in our own research for answers and some are 'armchair researchers'.

We do not subscribe to supernatural, extra-terrestrial or trans-dimensional explanations for these phenomena nor do we see the need or reason to try and link cryptozoic creatures with UFOs, ghosts or any other fringe or paranormal phenomena. Besides... there are plenty of other sites and publications that deal with these matters.

The founding members of this group have diverse opinions on the subject and include skeptics, believers and agnostics. No one particular belief holds sway nor does this site seek to push a particular line or belief. What we want is genuine discussion and scientific research.

The purpose of this website is to be a collective base of information towards all things to do with yowies and cryptozoology in general. It will perhaps ultimately help to provide an answer to the age old questions:

  • Do yowies exist?
  • Are thylacines still surviving?
  • Could big cats be roaming the Aussie bush?
  • What else might be out there?

So... if you have an interest in yowies and/or cryptozoology, enjoy getting out into the bush and/or can assist in other ways then you can join the search here at OzCrypto.

Drop into the OzCrypto Forum and say G'day!


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