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Debunking the 'Mysterious Claw'...

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Debunking the 'Mysterious Claw'...
The Photographic Evidence
So What Do We Know?
What then is the Hand/Claw?
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Much has been made in the past about a mysterious severed hand/claw that was found caught in a fence by a farmer in Far North Queensland (FNQ). It is the objective of this article to examine the mysterious hand/claw and determine whether it can be identified as being from something other than a yowie.

Background of the Report

The basic details of this report are that a farmer, in FNQ, found a severed hand/claw from an unidentified creature trapped in a fence on his property. It was allegedly submitted to the CSIRO for identification which was inconclusive. The hand/claw itself was finally thrown away due to decay and smell.

Some other reports of this story can be found at:

Cryptomundo - Another Hand of Unknown Origin?

Unexplained Mysteries - Yowie claw (1) and Yowie claw (2)

The hand/claw is also featured on the home page of Australian Yowie Research (AYR).

There is mention of a petrified claw in the following report on AYR, titled "Liz James - 1970s Aust Crypto Researcher's notes."

AYR Forum thread that discusses Liz James and the claw - Liz James

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