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Welcome to OzCrypto...

OzCrypto is an Australian based web-site dedicated to an open and honest debate about the existence of cryptozoological creatures in the land downunder. Chief amongst these creatures are:

  • Yowies - various species of hairy man/ape;
  • Thylacines - the supposedly extinct Tasmanian (marsupial) tiger; and
  • Big Cats - various types of exotic felines or perhaps marsupial cats;

all of which are reported to dwell in the bushland of Australia.

To date nobody has proven that these creatures exist (or still exist in the case of the thylacine) yet they still fire the imaginations of believers and skeptics alike with reports continuing to this day.

OzCrypto is not a dedicated research group, although some members are actively involved with other groups, some prefer to pursue their own research individually and some are 'arm-chair' researchers preferring to review and analyse the plethora of information available in countless books and web-sites.

OzCrypto has no particular opinion on the existence of these creatures and merely hopes to provide a level playing field on which all who are interested can meet to discuss, review and challenge each others ideas. The concept is simple, "say what you mean and mean what you say."

Anybody is free to submit content to this site for publication, however anybody who does so must accept that their content is then open for public comment, discussion, debate and all that comes with that. Discussion of OzCrypto content takes place on the OzCrypto Forum.

Welcome to OzCrypto...a real world journey in the unknown.

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